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Article 19A- Bus Driver Physical Exams

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OSHA bus driver physical examsThe New York State Department of Motor Vehicles requires all bus drivers to undergo periodic physical examinations under DMB Article 19A. These exams are used to determine the medical condition of school bus drivers. Emergency One is qualified to administer the exam to certify that the bus driver is physically or medically qualified to operate a school bus.

Emergency One will provide the most updated form at the time of exam. The exam will include a medical questionnaire, health history, vision exam, blood pressure and pulse rate, hearing exam, urine test and a physical exam.

Incomplete medical exams are the most common reason for driver disqualification; therefore, Emergency One takes great care in preparing your medical exam to ensure that it is complete and meets all regulations. In addition, Emergency One qualifies as an MBE and DBE to help you meet the goals of minority owned business inclusion for government contracts.

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