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Urgent Care 101

By / June 10, 2016 / , / 0 Comments

Emergency One Receives AccreditationUrgent Care facilities are showing up everywhere yet many people have yet to try one out. If you need professional care for anything that is not life-threatening, an urgent care facility may be your best bet. If you’ve never visited urgent care in the past, here’s what you can expect:

1. No Appointments – urgent care facilities are typically a walk-in option.
2. Not always an Emergency – urgent care can help you with certain immunizations, physicals and other non-emergency needs.
3. Most Insurances accepted – At Emergency One, you can call 845.338.5600 if you have any questions about insurance.
4. Insurance isn’t required – At Emergency One, we have self-pay options available.
5. Cost Savings – The average cost of an urgent care visit will typically be much less than an emergency room. The Annals of Internal Medicine study found the average cost of urgent care to be about $155 vs. estimates of emergency room visits run about $1,233.
6. Variety of services – At Emergency One, we have X-ray onsite as well as other labs and tests to help guide your treatment.