Bus Driver and Monitor Physicals

If you are a bus driver, monitor or a company that employs drivers, Emergency One can help you stay on the road. All our locations are staffed with nationally certified DOT Medical Examiners to help you fulfill DOT medical requirements.

We're here to help!

Based on your company’s policies, Emergency One can meet the needs for DOT physicals, 19-A Bus Driver Physicals or Bus Monitors. We can customize your program to meet your needs. To help reduce wait times, Bus Driver Physicals are scheduled by appointment. Just call our most convenient location and we can get you in right away.

National Standards

The standards that must be met are established by the DOT and not by Emergency One or the individual certified medical examiner. To help your visit go smoothly, please follow the following instructions:

  • Bring your driver’s license with you

  • Know your medical history, surgeries and all medications (Bring a medication list with you)

  • Bring glasses, contacts or hearing aids if your using them

  • Be prepared to provide a urine sample

Specific Medical Conditions


  • Pts. who need insulin to control their Diabetes cannot be medically cleared under DOT regulations; unless they apply for and receive a NYS waiver

  • A1C needs to be less than 10%; bring a copy of your latest result with you

  • Bring a clearance letter from your Primary care Physician that states that you are under his/her care, in good compliance, and have not had more than 2 episodes of hypoglycemia (too low) in the past 5 years or hyperglycemia (too high)

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

  • BP needs to be 140/90 or better

  • Bring a clearance letter from your PCP that states that you are under his/her care, in good compliance, last reading in their office with date of that visit

Heart Conditions

  • Bring a clearance letter from your cardiologist, listing your cardiac condition and states that you are under his/her care and that you are physically capable to drive a commercial vehicle and have not had any recent episodes of chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing with exertion, vertigo or weakness

  • If applicable, bring last EKG and any other test results (ex. Stress test, Echocardiogram, etc.)


  • Bring glasses and or contacts with you, Vision must be at least 20/40 in each eye

If you are interested in Bus Driver physicals for your school district or company, please call Jim Devitt at 845.787.1400 for more information.