Pre-employment Physicals

Pre-Employment Physical Examinations

A Healthy Employee means a more productive employee. At Emergency One, we can help your company confirm that your new hire is in adequate health and can perform the job functions. Our pre-employment physicals can help protect your new hire from injuries and help protect your company against work-related lawsuits.

Get in Fast!

To help reduce wait times, pre-employment physicals are scheduled by appointment. The components of a pre-employment physical can vary based on job requirements and work environment. Pre-employment physicals may include the following:

  • Vital Signs including height, weight, blood pressure and pulse

  • Occupational health questionnaire

  • EKG

  • Physical Abilities Testing

  • Drug and Alcohol Screening

  • Vision Screening

  • Hearing Screening

  • Audiometry

  • Physical Exam

If you are interested establishing pre-employment physicals for your company, please call Jim Devitt at 845.787.1400 for more information.