Diagnostic Testing & X-Ray Services

Diganostic Tools

From heart health to broken bones, Emergency One can use diagnostic tools to help you recover faster.

At our urgent care facility, we prioritize comprehensive care, offering X-ray services for diagnostic needs. While we may not always have a licensed professional available to conduct X-rays on-site, our adept providers assess and determine the necessity for imaging during your visit. Should an X-ray be recommended, yet unavailable at our location, we ensure seamless continuity of care.

Our team will facilitate a referral to a nearby facility equipped with the necessary resources. Rest assured, your well-being remains our priority, and we're committed to ensuring you receive the appropriate care promptly, even if it involves directing you to an alternate local service provider.

With our EKG machine, we can get real-time results to enhance our diagnosis and better treat you. These results can be transmitted to your doctor to compare to baselines.