Lab Tests

Onsite Lab Testing

Not sure if it’s a sore throat or strep? Flu or a cold? At Emergency One, we can perform in-house testing to determine the exact cause of your condition. Our providers will discuss your test results during your visit and we will forward your notes to your primary care physician.

Rapid Strep Test

A simple throat swab that will produce results in as little as 5 minutes.

Influenza A + B

Nasopharyngeal swab which can help diagnose Influenza A and B in as little as 15 minutes.

Rapid Mononucleosis (Mono)

The rapid Mono test is performed by testing a drop of blood from a fingerstick. The results can be recorded in a little as 8 minutes.

Glucose Testing

Using a drop of blood from a simple fingerstick we can help check your glucose level in just a couple of minutes!


UTI symptoms? With just a simple urine sample we can test for presence of White Blood Cells, Blood, Nitrites and many other factors which can help determine an accurate diagnoses!