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Housekeeping in your Business

By / December 6, 2012 / / 0 Comments

While the economy may be gradually improving, businesses still need to maximize profits and reduce costs. A clean and safe working environment can help improve productivity and employee morale. As the end of the year nears, this is a great time to review your housekeeping policies or implement new ones.

Getting back to the basics is essential and can be done through various programs including incentive programs and contests or improved oversight and disciplinary programs.

Some of the benefits of good housekeeping include:

– Fewer tripping and slipping accidents
– Decreased Fire hazards
– Lower worker exposures to hazardous substances
– Reduced handling to ease the flow of materials
– More effective use of space
– Reduced property damage by improving maintenance
– Improved morale
– Increased productivity

Now is the time to bring your safety committee together to discuss the above issues and look for ways to improve each one. Not only will you see fewer on-the-job injuries, you’ll see an improvement in the bottom line of your company.