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Avoiding Heat-Related Illness Starts Early

By / July 24, 2013 / / 0 Comments

025It’s getting really hot out there. In fact, dangerously hot. It’s important to recognize the symptoms of heat related conditions and take the appropriate actions. Here are a few tips to help you get through this sizzler that were undergoing.

Drink Plenty of Fluids– It’s important to hydrate even before you step outside. Be sure to drink plenty of water about thirty minutes prior to heading outdoors. Once you engage in any outdoor activity, drink water every 15 minutes or so whether you’re thirsty or not.

Take Breaks– If you’re engaging in physical activity, be sure to take regular breaks. If you’re body cannot cool itself through normal means, like sweating, you need to give it a break to help bring down your core temperature.

Avoid the Hottest Parts of the Day– Try to schedule yard work in the early morning or later evening. Try to avoid manual labor between about noon and 4:00 pm.

Dress the Part– If possible, wear a wide brim hat and loose-fitting, breathable clothing.

With these tips, you should be safe to work or play in the heat. It’s important to keep an eye out for symptoms of heat related conditions—cramping, heat rash and weakness and fatigue. If these symptoms occur, take a break. If the symptoms persist, come see us at Emergency One. We can help treat these symptoms quickly without long wait times in the emergency room.