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Eating Right During the Super Bowl

By / January 31, 2014 / / 0 Comments

football-152827_1280Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner. On this day, you will witness perseverance, determination and agony of defeat … when it comes to resisting all the food at your Super Bowl Party. While the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos duke it out on the field, many people will struggle with the temptation of tons of junk food and beer.

According to the USDA, next to Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest food consumption day of the year. To help you keep yourself in check, here are a few tips so that you don’t blow everything you’ve accomplished in 2014.

  • It may not be glamorous, but hit the veggie tray first. Lay the groundwork for a healthy game by filling up with some fresh vegetables before you attack the bad stuff.
  • Water, we’ve talked about it before. Keep a glass of water filled throughout the day and drink plenty of it. You might even want to drink a glass of water between each beer or other alcoholic drink.
  • If you are into the game and you need that constant munch to calm your nerves, reach for the pretzels over the potato chips or Nacho Chips.
  • If you’re hosting the party, instead of serving fried chicken wings, opt for the baking method. It is a healthier choice and easier to prepare with the game looming.
  • Go for the Guac! Avocados are loaded with healthy fats that actually lower your cholesterol. Instead of other dips, steer toward the guacamole to satisfy your dipping urge.
  • If you are not hosting, bring a go-to healthy dish with you to share with the others.
  • Don’t skip meals during the day to save up for the party. That will lead to binging and overeating.

Most of all have fun! If you fall off the wagon, keep in mind that the wagon will be there for you to climb back on tomorrow.