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First Aid Kits in Your Workplace

By / August 23, 2013 / / 0 Comments

Flag_of_the_Red_Cross.svgIn your busy workplace, First Aid kits may not be the thing on top of your mind. However, OSHA does have some requirements in regards to First Aid kits. While industry specific standards do exist, a basic First Aid kit should be available in all businesses.

The standard First Aid Kit should include:

• At least one absorbent compress.
• At least 16 adhesive bandages
• One roll of adhesive tape
• At least ten packs of antiseptic
• At least six applications of burn treatments
• Two or more pairs of medical exam gloves
• At least four sterile pads
• One triangular bandage


It’s a good idea to check your First Aid kit a couple of times a year. You might find a few items missing or expired. Even Band-Aids have expiration dates!

Keeping your First Aid kit not only better prepares you for an emergency, but it also reinforces the message that you care about your employees.