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Five Tips for Exercising in the Cold

By / March 14, 2014 / / 0 Comments

Tips for exercising in the coldThe cold weather is lingering and we bet you’re itching to get outside and move around. Exercising in the cold doesn’t have to be dangerous if you are taking the right precautions. In fact, exercise in the cold will tend to burn more calories for the same effort indoors or in warmer weather!

Here are five steps you can take while exercising in the cold.

1. Layers. Start with your lightweight synthetic undergarments that wick moisture from your body. Layer fleece or wool next and top it off with a windbreaker or a waterproof protective layer like Gortex.

2. Minimize expose skin. Your hands, face and ears are at the greatest risk. Use a headband, gloves/mittens and ski mask or scarf to protect your skin from frostbite or exposure.

3. Warm up … indoors. Start with a few calisthenics to warm up before you venture out in the cold. The extra blood flow will help regulate your body temperature as you move to the outdoors.

4. Plan your route. If you are walking or jogging, plan your route to have the wind at your back as you return to your home. You’ll tolerate the cold better if you are not running straight into a cold wind.
5. Hydrate. In cold weather, we tend to forget to hydrate. Drink before, during and after exercise.

With these precautions, you can safely exercise in the cold. However, it’s best if you exercise with a buddy and always check the wind chill to make sure that it is not dangerous conditions. Most of all, don’t worry, winter is almost over!