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Get In Line … Online is Finally Here!

By / January 31, 2018 / / 0 Comments

Emergency One Urgent CareWhen you want to see a doctor, there are better things to do than sit in a waiting room. At Emergency One, we feel your time is important. That is why we’ve invested in new technology that will save you time and help make your visit to our facility quicker.

Now you can save your place in line, online. If you’re familiar with our old ZipPass program, you’ll love our new system. If you visit our website at www.eoneurgentcare.com, you’ll find our three locations displayed with the wait times at each. Select which facility you want to visit, and give us your name, birth date and cell phone number and we’ll let you know what time to come in.

It gets even better! We’ll text you if we’re running behind so that you can continue with your busy day rather than sit in our waiting room. In fact, we’ll even send you a text 20 minutes prior to your turn.

Didn’t think about going to our website? That’s okay, too. If you walk-in to an Emergency One location, you can sign in and go on with your day. Stop down at Starbucks for coffee? Pick up some things at the market? Whatever you want to do, we’ll text you 20 minutes prior to your turn to let you know to return to Emergency One.

Please keep in mind, injury and illness is unpredictable. Arrival times are estimates only.