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Get the Jump on Worksite Injuries and Illnesses

By / May 22, 2013 / / 0 Comments
source: Kozzi.com

Worksite injuries and employee illnesses are as common to business owners as taxes and budgets. If you are looking for ways to reduce healthcare costs in your company, here’s a tip that may surprise you.

Many times, employees suffer aches, pains and injuries within the first few months of employment. The new tasks or repetitive activities that they undergo after starting a new job may lead to minor aches and pains. This condition is no different from what you might experience as a weekend warrior. Most of the time, we ignore the symptoms and continue with our fun.

Here’s where communication with your employees can begin to save you tons of money over time. With your new hires, encourage them to report any aches and pains, especially in the first few months. This will let you examine working conditions and have a proactive approach to your employee’s health.

With this added attention to your employee, you can boost productivity and employee morale. It may cost you a little bit more in the beginning, but you’ll be saving hundreds of thousands in insurance claims down the road. In addition to reduced healthcare bills, your company can experience:

1. Decreased Absenteeism
2. Fewer Workers Comp Claims
3. Prevention and early Intervention
4. Improved Employee Morale

“A business owner needs to think of their employee’s as a sports team. The employees are the athletes,” says Todd Martin, Emergency One COO. “An employer needs to keep their employee on the field (working) throughout the season. That takes a little prevention and treatment of minor problems before they become an absenteeism problem.”

To keep your team working, spend a little on the front end and with the help of professionals like Emergency One, you can reduce costs, decrease absenteeism and improve employee morale. For more information on how Emergency One can work with you, please contact us at 845.338.5600.