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Summertime is Bug Time: Taking Care of the Bites

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Emergency One treats bug bites at our urgent care centersSummer is bug time. Annoying insects are bound to lead to bites. Here’s a quick check on how to identify your bug bites:


Tick Bites:            Small red bites, often with a red dot in the center. May or may not itch.

Mosquito             Bites: Medium-sized raised welts that itch.

Flea Bites:           Tiny red bites that occur in clusters or lines, many times found around the ankles.

Spider Bites:        Raised, pronounced red bites. May be painful or blistered in the center.

Horsefly Bites:    Red and often painful bites. They may be filled with fluid.

Ant Bites:             Small red bites that burn. Fire ants can be worse, leaving a white painful pustule.


The care of bites is relatively the same for minor reactions—wash affected are and apply a cool compress if painful. You can use a hydrocortisone cream to give you relief from the itchiness.


If you experience difficulty breathing, swelling of the lips, eyelids or throat, contact emergency care right away.

If you have lingering effects or are concerned that you might have a tick bite, come on in to one of our Emergency One locations for fast, effective relief.