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Training Improves Ability to Identify Potential for Injury

By / March 31, 2014 / / 0 Comments

training improves ability to recognize injury potentailA recent study by the University of Iowa’s College of Public Health showed that training improved workers’ ability to identify potential for musculoskeletal injuries. To date, there had been only one such study to examine this and it was completed with college students.

It’s hard to believe that such little data existed in ergonomic training and its relationship with helping employees identify risk factors for injuries. In summary, this study, published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, showed that workers identified risks for injuries to the low back on par with the researchers. However, the workers gained the largest improvement in identifying risk factors for the neck and shoulders.

The study may show us that we’ve been successful in teaching and training employees proper lifting techniques and ways in which to prevent low back injuries. It may also show that because of the emphasis placed on low back injuries, other musculoskeletal injuries are less of a focus. With this information, you can focus your ergonomic training in areas that you could see vast improvements.

In general, while ergonomic training has thought to be beneficial, you now have scientific proof that your company can benefit from regular and ongoing safety training. For more information on how to implement this type of training or providing ergonomic assessments of your workplace, contact Emergency One at 845.338.5600.