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Two Tips Toward a Healthier Longevity

By / March 7, 2013 / / 0 Comments

Americans are living longer these days, but that doesn’t mean that they are living healthier. Obesity is at epidemic levels, nearly 10% of the population has diabetes and we’ve talked previously about the incidence of high blood pressure, about 1 in 3 experience hypertension.

Most people are aware of some of the basic lifestyle changes that should be incorporated into your daily routine including regular exercise, eating fruits and vegetables, quit smoking and keeping alcohol consumption at a moderate level.

Here are two things that you can change that might not be household strategies, but might have a significant effect on helping you have a vital and long life.

Drink Black Tea: Research indicates that it might protect against Type 2 Diabetes and reduce the risk for heart disease. There’s evidence that it may reduce risk of Parkinson’s, kidney stones and ovarian cancer. So instead of that soda in the afternoon, grab a cup of tea instead.

Play Games: That’s right, studies have shown that mentally challenging tasks can help you keep your memory sharp. According to Health First, a new study out of Chicago found a strong association between mind-stimulating activities and structural integrity of the brain’s white matter. Friday night “Game Night” takes on a completely new meaning.