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Avoiding Jet Lag

By / October 11, 2013 / / 0 Comments

JetEven with all the technology we have at our fingertips, there are times that business travel is unavoidable. Nothing beats a face-to-face meeting. Even though businesses are traveling less frequently, jet lag can still be an issue.

Jet Lag is a condition that disrupts your circadian rhythm when traveling across multiple time zones. Beyond being tired, it can also affect your appetite, digestion and other body systems.

Here are six ways to fend off the dreaded jet lag so that you can have a more productive business meeting.

• Get a full night’s sleep the before leaving on a trip
• If you have an early morning meeting, adjust your sleep schedule a couple of days before   your trip to start resetting your body’s timing
• Take your Vitamin C and B complex vitamins.
• Drink lots of water
• Avoid caffeine
• Avoid Alcohol

With these easy tips, you can enjoy a more productive business trip and hit the ground running when you return.