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Fighting the "Freshman Fifteen"

By / October 1, 2013 / / 0 Comments

wsuCollege brings with it many new challenges and experiences, but one of the not-so-fun things to look forward to is the dreaded “Freshman 15.” With new freedom comes new responsibilities and eating right in a world full of choices is one of the most important things you can do in your first year away at college.

Many factors can lead to the extra weight that include a decrease in physical activity, dining halls with unlimited meal plans, increased snacking and more caloric beverages including alcohol. Here’s some tips to fend off the Freshman 15 when you arrive on campus.

  • Eat breakfast- keep your metabolism humming all day by starting out with breakfast.
  • Make smart choices- fill your plate with salad first, then add the main courses. This will¬†¬† help you keep make sure that you get enough fiber and veggies and help you feel full.
  • Pick lean protein- choose sources of lean protein like pork, chicken, turkey and fish.
  • Choose fats wisely- avoid fried foods and sweets. Stick with more healthful fats from nuts, seeds, olive oil, canola oil and avocados.
  • Increase your water intake- Make sure you are getting plenty of water.

Making a few smart decisions early in your college career can go a long way to helping you perform better and feel better. These good habits will help you maintain a lifestyle in college and after college in the “Real World.”