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Respiratory Questionnaire-Part of a Ongoing Respiratory Program

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The osha-bannerOccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) established requirements for businesses using respirators back in 1970. A respirator program is essential for increasing the chances of using a respirator correctly. In addition, it is designed to identify issues early on, before they become a major issue. We’ve discussed Fit Testing previously as part of an ongoing respiratory program. Another component of a respiratory program that meets the OSHA standard is the Respiratory Questionnaire.

The employer must provide a medical evaluation prior to respirator use. A physician or other licensed health care professional must perform the medical evaluation that includes the medical questionnaire.

Emergency One meets the requirements in providing the medical questionnaire. A sample of the questionnaire can be found on the OSHA site at http://1.usa.gov/18nNnUK . Please contact us at 845.338.5600 if your business is interested in reviewing your respiratory program. In addition, Emergency One qualifies as an MBE and DBE to help you meet the goals of minority owned business inclusion for government contracts.