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Should You Get Stitches?

By / May 6, 2014 / / 0 Comments

when to get stitchesThere’s no avoiding it, cuts and other wounds are bound to happen. How do you know if you should get stitches? Here’s a few tips on whether or not you should seek out professional help for stitches. If you are unsure, it’s best to visit an Urgent Care Center and let the experts decide.

• Location – The more movement the body part experiences, the greater chance you need stitches. For example, if you receive a laceration on your fingers where there is frequent movement, then it may need stitches as compared to an area without much motion.

• Width – One of the main purposes of stitches is to help the wound heal correctly. If the cut laceration can’t close easily by gently squeezing, then you should probably look for some professional help.

• Depth – It’s sometimes difficult to tell the depth of a cut. If you know that it is deep, or if you can see yellow, fatty tissue, get help immediately.

At Emergency One, we can assess and provide treatment for your wounds. Sometimes, all it takes is a Band-Aid. If not, we can get you in and out in a hurry. It’s always best not to guess! If you are not sure, stop in and we’ll be happy to help.