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Treat Your Employees Like Athletes, Starting with Workplace Fitness

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keyboardOccupational physical demands play a big role in absenteeism, workplace injuries and chronic problems. Athletes aren’t the only ones that can benefit from optimally planned exercise training programs. Physical training is important to rehabilitation and prevention in an occupational setting. Moreover, it’s not only important in high physical demand jobs, but in jobs like computer and clerical work to prevent repetitive injuries.

The first step in improving workplace fitness is the completion of a comprehensive job analysis. This analysis can be used to determine the most physically demanding or repetitive job tasks. Occupational therapists will observe the individuals performing the tasks and use this information to determine the weak link in the system. Body position, movement, repetitive activity, forces and torques exerted all assist the occupational therapist in determining the appropriate energy systems and fitness components to help make your workplace safer and healthier.

Emergency One can help to analyze your workplace and develop an appropriate plan of action. Please contact us to help evaluate your worksite and to help improve the health of your employees.