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Workplace Safety in the New Year

By / February 1, 2016 / / 0 Comments

Emergency One safety resolutionsOccupational Health and Safety never takes a break in your workplace. Even so, it’s always good to check yourself in key areas in your commitment to having a great 2016. Here are a couple of “Safety Resolutions” to help you kick start the New Year.

1. Review your manual handling program. Poor lifting techniques are still the number one cause of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace. Chronic back pain can last a lifetime. Treat your employees to a refocused effort in training and rechecking proper lifting techniques.

2. Do a walk through with slips, trips and falls in mind. Make sure that a detailed analysis of your workplace includes identifying changes of levels, inadequate flooring, poor lighting and other hazardous surroundings.

3. Are you hearing this? A sound Hearing Conservation Program is essential in protecting your employees and company. Even if you fall below the requirements specified by OSHA, audiometric testing can help in early identification of hearing changes. In addition, hearing issues can result in major compensation payouts further along the line.

With these resolutions firmly in place you can start your year off with a renewed effort toward safety and occupational health in your workplace.