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Hearing Conservation Program: Audiometric Testing

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Emergency One provides OSHA Hearing TestsThousands of workers suffer from preventable hear loss each year. Hazardous noise affects more than 30 million people in the workplace. Legal limits on noise exposure are set by OSHA and are based on the worker’s time weighted average over an eight-hour day.

If a general workplace is exposed to 85 decibels for an eight-hour exposure, an employer must implement an effective hearing conservation program. The key elements include:


  • Workplace noise sampling
  • Informing workers at risk from hazardous levels
  • Providing affected workers with an opportunity to observe noise measurement tests
  • Maintaining a worker hearing test
  • Implementing comprehensive hearing protection follow-up procedures
  • Proper selection of hearing protection
  • Training and information as to the hazards of excessive noise exposure
  • Access to records regarding monitoring and noise sampling


Emergency One can help your company in implementing an effective hearing conservation program. Our hearing tests meet the OSHA specifications for conducting and retaining data on hearing testing. Call us at 845.787.1400 to schedule your employees for hearing tests.